Why shop with us?

What does Health Stores Ireland stand for?

Independent Irish healthfood stores are renowned for offering a tailored service to consumers, providing comprehensive advice on holistic ways to optimise health.

Located nationwide, health stores have a growing public profile, and are the de facto media porthole for tapping into the Irish wholefood and natural healthcare market. Our reputation for integrity and knowledge has been built up since 1986 with an exceptional service to the Irish market, and our members are among the most committed healthfood retailers in Europe.

What are the benefits of shopping in Health Stores Ireland store?

Because Health Stores Ireland is committed to the highest standards, the public can be assured of quality goods and service within a member store.

Our Customer Care Protocol ensures that the safety our customers is our top priority, and our > Code of Ethics covers standards of training and the quality of products we stock. This means that Health Stores Ireland staff can offer you accurate information about products on their shelves and are happy to answer queries on health, diet and lifestyle.  The Code also ensures that products in Health Stores Ireland stores are manufactured to the highest standards, the vast majority to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

What foods do Health Stores Ireland sell?

We believe that a good diet will optimise health and help to prevent degenerative disease, endorsing Hippocrates’ maxim to “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.

Therefore our shops’ primary concern is to provide high quality unprocessed foods without additives and without genetic modification.

Increasingly these foods such as grains, flakes, pulses, nuts, seeds and dried fruits are organically produced to avoid traces of artificial chemicals. We also stock a wide variety of foods for people with particular dietary needs, including many gluten-, sugar-, wheat- and dairy- free alternatives to standard products.

What about supplements and remedies?

In an ideal world a well-balanced wholesome diet should provide all the nutrients needed to maintain health. However, surveys have shown that even in developed societies many people still are not reaching the levels required to prevent deficiency in a number of nutrients.

Often to save time we use processed foods, which are high in fats and low in vitamins and minerals. Vegetables are frequently cooked so that their nutrients are either destroyed or poured down the sink. With this in mind, Health Stores Ireland staff are available to give information about diet first and foremost, but if you do need supplements there is no better or safer place to buy them.

Many of our preparations are traditional herbal remedies which have been used safely for hundreds of years and whose benefits have only recently been rediscovered.  However, we never take chances with people’s health. Customers seeking advice about a medical condition are always advised to seek professional help. Similarly customers already on medication are advised to consult their healthcare professionals before taking supplements or alternative medicines.

Health Stores Ireland shops are unique in the retail sector in the emphasis they place on training. This is why we can claim with confidence that when you come through the door of a Health Stores Ireland shop you are entering a reputable place of knowledge, service and safety.
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