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Offering essential services in a time of crisis

Posted on Mar 16, 2020 in News & Events

Health food stores carry essential food items like rice, pasta, cereals, milk, eggs, bread, vegetables, hygiene and cleaning products. Importantly, they are a source for special dietary products for allergy sufferers and people on restricted diets for long term illness reasons. Health Stores Ireland member stores are making important and sometimes difficult changes to their working practices to protect customers, staff, owners and the wider community. Depending on the size and nature of their stores, businesses are offering call & collect options, limiting access numbers to their shops...

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Customer care during virus

Posted on Mar 12, 2020 in News & Events

Message to members health stores during virus: “Health Stores Ireland is now calling on all member stores to take action to ensure that 2m person to person advisory can be practised. This may involve closing your shop door and limiting the number of customers in your shop at any one time, putting up signage and placing guidance floor tape near checkouts and offering phone-in and click & collect services. Consider providing free delivery of goods to customer’s cars and homes. Many stores have already started taking these types of actions. It is vital that we, as a sector,...

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