Taxing Food Supplements is Immoral

Nov 4, 2019

Health Stores Ireland, the organisation for which represents over 200 Irish Health Stores, has welcomed the timely interjection on the issue of VAT on food supplements by Professor John Nolan on Newstalks’ Pat Kenny Radio Show, which is aired today.

pat kenny show on newstalk

The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk

Discussing the Minister for Finance’s intention to introduce 13.5% VAT on all Food Supplements, Professor Nolan explained the vital importance of the use of some Food Supplements in the reduction of sight loss for those suffering with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) an eye condition which causes the gradual deterioration of vision for over 86,000 Irish people.

IAHS Spokesperson Matt Ronan said, “We sincerely hope that all of our political representatives listen back to this show and grasp the vital importance of the decisions which they will be taking on this issue over the coming days and weeks.”

“If our politicians are willing to grasp the nettle now, they can still preserve the ability of Irish people to protect their own health – without the burden of taxation. Professor Nolan has described this tax as being ” immoral ” and I think it is crucial that our politicians understand their responsibilities to the 71% of Irish people who use Health Supplements regularly.”

“We are now approaching a litmus test for the Irish electorate. Do our representatives care, or are they willing to be dictated to by a handful of unelected Revenue executives.”

stop vat on health supplements

Following a presentation by Health Stores Ireland in October, the members of the all-party Committee on Finance, under the chairmanship of John McGuinness, requested Paschal Donoghue, Minister of Finance, to retain the 0% VAT rate for health supplements in the Finance Act 2019.

Earlier this year Health Stores Ireland presented a petition of over 70,000 names calling on the Minister for Finance to reject moves by the Revenue commissioners to tax all food supplements.


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