Science proves echinacea works

Nov 13, 2012

In September this year, an international scientific conference on ‘Echinacea in today’s world’ was held in London, where experts in the fields of respiratory infections, immunology and virology reported their experience of the extract in the context of colds and flu.

The keynote speech of the conference was the announcement of the results of the latest study on Echinaforce, carried out at the Common Cold Centre in Cardiff University led by Prof Ron Eccles.

Prof Eccles’ unit conducts, on average, 3-4 clinical trials on colds and flu each year, testing a wide variety of synthetic pharmaceutical actives destined for prescription by doctors. The majority of these trials show no effect. However, Prof Eccles was both surprised and delighted to find that A Vogel Echinaforce stands out as one of the few remedies he has tested that is both effective and without side effects.

We knew it and now it is independently established:  echinacea, specifically Echinaforce, reduces the incidence of colds and shortens their duration safely and effectively.

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