Offering essential services in a time of crisis 😷

Mar 16, 2020


Health food stores carry essential food items like rice, pasta, cereals, milk, eggs, bread, vegetables, hygiene and cleaning products. Importantly, they are a source for special dietary products for allergy sufferers and people on restricted diets for long term illness reasons.

an Tobairin

Health Stores Ireland member stores are making important and sometimes difficult changes to their working practices to protect customers, staff, owners and the wider community. Depending on the size and nature of their stores, businesses are offering call & collect options, limiting access numbers to their shops and offering delivery services.

While our services are needed more than ever we will support the Expert Advisory Group plan to ensure we can minimise the spread of the virus. As always, we will work within our community with the advise of regulators to protect the health and well-being of our customers and the wide population.

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