Irish petition on EU food supplement directive kept open

May 31, 2012

On Monday, the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS) defended its petition in the European Parliament against the European Commissions planned setting of EU wide maximum limits for dosages of vitamins and minerals in food supplements. The petition, submitted originally in December 2007 with the support of 60,000 Irish citizens, claims that measures to harmonise maximum levels of vitamin and mineral food supplements under the Food Supplements Directive (2002/46/EC) – soon to be implemented by the European Commission – will unduly impact consumers, health stores and practitioners in Ireland.

Instead of being closed down, the apparent goal of the European Commission, the European Parliaments Petitions Committee chairman insisted that the petition be kept open.

Erica Murray, Dr Robert Verkerk, Kathy Sinnott (MEP) and Jill Bell outside the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee room, Brussels.

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