Going independent

Mar 2, 2015


We retailers who belong to the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS) and display the current IAHS logo are in this business because we love it! Many of us have become health store owners and assistants because we experienced health problems at some time in our own lives and found that the natural way to solve them beat any other. We aim to empower you to make decisions which will improve your own well-being.

How do we know what works? We are constantly updating our knowledge thanks to training and information offered by the top quality manufacturers of the remedies and food supplements we stock. And you, our customers, are an invaluable source of information as you tell us what has worked (or not!) for you and share ideas on using everything from polenta to pink peppercorns.

All this is based on IAHS training which covers products and procedures, foods and supplements, official training at which IAHS members excel year after year when competing against our UK colleagues in the same tests.

But perhaps most important of all is our Customer Care Protocol. This Protocol is specifically designed to prioritise your safety in relation to any advice you look for when your well-being is the issue. Are you on prescribed medication? Did the problem suddenly appear or is it a chronic issue? Have you consulted your doctor about it? Does anything make the symptoms better or worse? We ask questions like these many times a day, and the advice we offer depends on your answers. We are happy to send you away empty-handed but with suggestions if this is the safest way forward for you.

Finally, thank you all for shopping with us. We appreciate your loyalty to small, independent businesses, like independent health stores.

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