IAHS Campaign to keep Your Health Tax Free

May 31, 2014


Irish Revenue are slowly but surely rolling forward with a policy which will mean, that money spent on maintaining or improving your health will be taxed at 23 percent.

Bizarre though it may seem, VAT is now being applied to many food supplements and indeed herbal teas. Irish health stores have initiated a campaign to try to have this policy overturned. “Treating people’s attempt to maintain their health as if it was a luxury must be seen as the last straw and has to be resisted.”, declared one health store owner.

All health conscious people are being asked to make their objections to this policy heard by immediately writing or emailing their local Fine Gael TD in order to let the government know that they cannot get away with this attack on natural health care.
(To find a list of your Fine Gael TDs, go to >oireachtas.ie/members)

Drop in to your local IAHS health store as soon as possible and ask about how to make your voice heard.

And please don’t forget to sign our online petitions:
>Click here to sign petition on Avaaz.org

>Click here to sign petition on Change.org

Help us to help yourself. Thank you for your continuous support.

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