Here we are still, all in this together! ❤️

Sep 15, 2020

All hoping to stay well like never before. As we head into winter we are all looking to keep healthy in a broader sense than most of us have ever considered before.
We do know how important it is to be physically healthy, with a well functioning immune system. But also now, more than ever, we are aware of how we need to care for our mental and emotional health as we face into more months of living with Covid19.

Within each of our member stores, found in almost every town across the country, there is a friendly face ready to give the best advice on how to stay well in the months.
Our Health Stores have always considered this “whole” view of health.

We understand how if you are stressed, for example, there’s a knock on effect on your sleep, or your digestion and of course then, on your immunity. Or, if you’re not sleeping to begin with, how that throws everything else off.

When you come to us we consider this wider picture and suggest ways to help. Maybe it’s a tweak to your diet or the benefit that a particular nutrient might bring or the advantage of a herbal formula. Or maybe it’s advice to aim for a nightly warm bath with particular essential oils and calming salts and candles!

Here in our stores you’ll find the widest range of wholefoods for healthy cooking and baking or for making your own raw snacks and smoothies.
You’ll get the best advice on the A to Z of vitamins and minerals, herbal remedies and supplements in general.

We stock products to optimise your fitness in a healthy, clean way! And ranges of household products that help you clean in a sustainable way. Our body care and cosmetic ranges are natural and organic often, increasingly vegan and usually tested on ourselves!

You probably know us well already anyway, but do watch and listen out for our new television and radio campaign! Health Stores Ireland member stores – look for the logo on our doors. We are local and we are at the heart of our community! Let’s get through this together.

Martha Brennan. Chairperson, Health Stores Ireland.

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