Folic Acid Campaign

Jul 30, 2015


The Irish Association of Health Stores fully supports safe food’s Folic Acid Campaign

safefood’s new awareness campaign on folic acid launched on Monday, 20th July across digital and social media as well as publicity and PR.

The campaign will remind all women who are sexually active and who could become pregnant of the need to take folic acid daily, irrespective of whether they are planning a pregnancy or not.

The campaign titled ‘Babies know the facts about folic’ has been developed to encourage all sexually active women to take folic acid daily as a supplement while also addressing many of the myths surrounding folic acid. For example, 1 in 10 women wrongly believe they get enough folic acid from their food while less than 10% take it routinely. The campaign will be supported by a dedicated information hub on the safefood web site – acid

The Irish Association of Health Stores fully supports this campaign, with many member stores already taking part via their own multi-media platforms. Members of the public are encouraged to visit their local IAHS store to receive comprehensive advice from trained staff on how best to take B9 and all supplements. Search for member shops …

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