Ethical Shopping

Aug 9, 2016

Ethical Shopping?- It comes naturally to IAHS Health Stores.

The Health Food sector has always been a natural centre of gravity for like minded local food growers, small scale natural cosmetic producers and artisan food producers. The sector has worked, often literally, hand in hand with many of the local producers with a mutual appreciation of taste in every sense of the word.

Irish Artisans

Fledging Irish companies like Velvet Cloud Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt, Wilkes “Bean to Bar” Chocolate and The Good Little Cook Company who produce raw sprouted Almond Mylk are finding their products getting rave reviews from enthusiastic health food retailers and their customers. While some supermarket chains have created a clever marketing strategy from their new found love of artisans, the health food trade have been promoting healthy heating, ethical living and environmental awareness since its inception. It is what we do. It’s the core principle behind our very existence as retailers.

The Big Picture

The ethos of clean living and health eating is a principle of the Irish Association of Health Store’s “ Code of Ethics” which every member shops commits to on joining. Linking up with local suppliers and growers who carry the same values is simply something that we have always aspired to and perhaps something to which we should have banged the drum a little louder. The IAHS lends its support to many local initiatives around Tidy Towns, community gardens, schools projects and industry and community food orientated events and workshops. On a national level the association has had links with movements and campaigns for freedom of health choice, anti-GMO organisations, sustainable farming initiatives and environmental protection in general. We do this simply because we genuinely care in our local community and our greater future as a sustainable planet.

Shop Ethically

If you want to shop ethically and you want to give your custom to people who have a genuine care for the environment, give hands on support and a sustainable market to local producers and have a 30 year unbroken record in this area- shop at your local IAHS Accredited Health Store. The IAHS logo is a stamp of credibility and ensures that your Euros are spent ethically.

Partners of Health Stores Ireland
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