A different Shopping Experience

Nov 23, 2016

So, what are your plans for Christmas shopping? Are you lucky enough to be considering a trip to Macy’s or Harrods’s? – Me neither. Does the idea of a ”Black Friday” online deadline excite you? – Not for me, either. Even the traditional city shopping days like December 8th are being replaced by a much more conscious and measured readiness for the winter festival.

Consumerism is being rightfully balanced with a much more social and family friendly approach. Rather than inflict, marketing induced, potentially emotional and financial damaging, escalating loss of control on the lead up to Christmas. The IAHS strongly encourages a more reflective and community focused Christmas shopping season. Independent health food retailers will be doing all within our power to make it more socially engaging, enjoyable and family friendly.

iahs christmas

IAHS accredited shops have always provided a showcase for local producers and artisans. It’s something we have done for decades, without the fan fare, and will continue to do with enthusiasm for years to come. Your local producers have a natural connection with the seasons and with you. The raffia, jute baskets, straw-wool, cellophane and pull-bows are on-route and will enhance these wonderful products to make them the perfect Christmas gift.

The local jams and chutneys, the handmade soaps and hand creams, the boutique cosmetic brands, the spiced drinks and gourmet chocolates are all stocked up in your local health store. We understand your needs and requirements and will have gift ideas for everyone, whether it’s your granny, your special teacher, the love of your life or the next door neighbour. who’ll you plan to surprise with a lovingly presented pot of local jam.


And if run into Christmas does create an unavoidable accumulation of stress and anxiety, we have the all supportive supplements and remedies you will need to help you through the madness. IAHS accredited shops are best equipped to give you advice on botanical supplements, homeopathy, aromatherapy and vitamins to help maintain equilibrium and balance at a time when all the commercial forces are creating a consequential state of stress.

My message to you is to use the Christmas season to make a difference. Relax and embrace the spiritual elements of the festive season. Make Christmas a time for social shopping- supporting local shops and local producers. Resist the temptation for gross over indulgence and enjoy the fruits and harvests in a sustainable way.

A bit of care and love, and a nice tie of raffia, can go along way.

Mary Wedel, IAHS Chair.


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