May 31, 2012

The sun is glowing at the moment, one of those summer days making it hard to accept that the autumn is almost here. At this time of the year, as ever, phones are hopping and emails are in danger of hitting off each other in the ether as the Irish Association of Health Stores moves into top gear to finalise plans for our Rude Health Show. It will be held in the RDS Main Hall on Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th September, and the range of speakers and exhibitors is as tantalising as ever. This year we are putting special emphasis on the food demo area, with extra special kitchen experts to work up a steam in front of you, and the artisan food section is being revised and extended.

Food is where it’s at. Many IAHS shops find their customers are returning for food just as they have always done, recession or no – good, wholesome food which won’t break the budget and helps keep our immunity high. We have many supplements to encourage gut health, but what goes into our mouths is fundamental to a strong immune system.

Shop in a supermarket by all means, but shop round the edges. Have you noticed that the central aisles are where all the processed foods are displayed, as well as the cleaning products to sterilise every last corner and leave your over- sanitised immune system a prey to infection? The wall aisles carry fruit and vegetables, dairy, fish and meat, so keep to the edges and leave the sugary, salty processed foods alone.

Keep an eye out in IAHS stores for high quality artisan foods which don’t appear in supermarkets. Many IAHS shops support and cherish local producers – organic apple syrup, organic rape oil and local honeys immediately come to mind, and there is a delicious new cold pressed extra virgin Spanish olive oil produced south of Barcelona by an Irish health store owner.

Check us out too for lunch box ideas when term starts – plenty of nut butters, hummous, organic pitta breads, rice cakes and wraps, dried fruit and nuts and sugar-free bars for healthy options.

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