Article in UK Health Food Business Magazine

May 31, 2012

Top role for Irish retailer 

The health food trade in Ireland has been recognised for its role in promoting good health after a leading retailer was appointed to a ministerial body.

Alan McGrath (pictured above) has been appointed by the Food Standards Authority of Ireland to the Food Safety Promotion Board, a North South Ministerial Council body, which operates under the name of Safefood. It has responsibility for the promotion of food safety, research, communication of food alerts and promotion of scientific co-operation and laboratory linkages.

Alan has been retailing with his wife, Marian, since 1994, originally as the Spice of Life deli and health store and latterly as The Health Store, in Tuam, County Galway. He is the outgoing Chairman of the Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS), having served for the last three years.

“We see this appointment as recognition of the key role that the health food trade have played in relation to promoting good nutrition and health lifestyle,” Alan said. “Health food stores are now a key fabric in the retail sector in Ireland and the IAHS’ focus on training and good practice have ensured that responsible and safe practices are maintained and promoted in member stores.

“I see my key responsibility to bring the views of the natural product sector, smaller retailers and food operators to the table.”

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