Wild Nutrition – TurmaForte

Apr 3, 2019

Wild Nutrition – TurmaForte

Wild Nutrition TurmaForte® Full Spectrum Turmeric is an advanced, clinically-proven, organic Turmeric, harnessing a proprietary extraction process to provide not just one but three therapeutically active constituents of this beneficial plant, including curcuminoids, turmerosaccharides and turmerone volatile oils.

Standard Turmeric preparations focus on curcuminoids and curcumin alone, ignoring the potent and therapeutic value of these other fractions of this powerful ayurvedic plant.

Our advanced TurmaForte® Turmeric reflects the intelligence and natural balance of the whole plant and optimises its potent therapeutic benefits.

  • Organic and sustainably sourced
  • Clinically-proven to reduce joint pain by 86.2% within 21 days of use and reduced cartilage degeneration, joint tenderness and inflammation
  • Providing a Full Spectrum of active fractions including curcuminoids, turmerosaccharides and turmerone volatile oils

“This is without doubt the most advanced and exciting Turmeric product on the market. Using organically sourced Turmeric root and a 3-stage advanced technology this unique product offers a full spectrum of active fractions at therapeutic levels, clinically-tested to benefit those experiencing inflammation-related conditions.”

“The provenance of any herb, botanical or nutrient that is used in our formulas is deeply important to me. Turmaforte® Turmeric reflects the intelligence of Mother nature combined with the latest technolgical scientific research and is both organic and sustainable. I am therefore delighted that this incredible product is now available within our range and is already supporting my clients and my family’s wellbeing.”

Henrietta Norton BSc Dip NT – Founder and Formulator of Wild Nutrition

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