Pukka Immunity

Dec 4, 2017

Pukka Immunity

Pukka’s seasonal family uses the finest organic herbs, harnessing the incredible power of nature to keep you feeling warm and well this winter. Founded in 2001, Pukka’s mission is to create a world where plants play a central role in human health and wellbeing.

Nature provides us with some of the most potent herbs for optimum health and wellbeing. From elderberries with their exceptionally high vitamin C content, to the wonders of organic mushrooms to help build longer-term defence. Pukka’s formulas are uniquely developed to ensure optimum absorption of these nourishing ingredients. Their organic teas and supplements are designed as an everyday staple to keep you feeling well all year around.

With 1% of Pukka’s sales given to environmental causes and supporting various ethical projects including FairWild™ and Fair for Life, Pukka ensure they not only tread lightly on the planet, but give back as much as possible.

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