MenoFlash™ by Irish Botanica

Oct 7, 2020

MenoFlash™ by Irish Botanica

Menopause or Second Spring!

As women approach their 50’s and 60’s learning about Menopause and how to embrace this new phase of life is key to enjoying what the Chinese call “Second Spring” for many Women. 80% of Women get through the menopause in four years, but for 10% it can last 10-12 years, so education about symptoms and options to manage them is vital.

Menopausal symptoms such as fatigue and hot flushes can start in perimenopause which can start from age 45, a time when women are still experiencing periods, but their reproductive systems are winding down and progesterone and oestrogen levels drop in the body. Rest, moderate exercise, nutrition, and sleep are key to ensuring helping our bodies can cope with these hormonal changes.

Working with Irish Herbalist David Foley, Irish botanica have developed a new supplement MenoFlash™, a botanical blend formulated for menopausal support. MenoFlash contains 8 botanical herbs including Morinda officinali , Liquorice, Siberian ginseng and Angelica sinensis and contains Vitamin B6, which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal psychological function. Take 2 tablets a day. Irish Botanica only uses ethically sourced ingredients.

Irish Botanica – Behind the Brand

Irish Botanica is an Irish brand which packages and delivers natural goodness. We create a range of pure and potent herbal medicines. We work with raw ingredients of the highest quality; our products are minimally processed so you can experience their healing goodness as nature intended. We test vigorously to ensure the final product is as wonderful as the plants and herbs we begin with. Irish Botanica natural remedies are the best on the Irish market.

Goodness is a value that runs through everything we do. Many of our ingredients are organically grown here in Ireland. All our products are vegan, ethically sourced and cleanly manufactured. We carefully choose suppliers who also share our ethical values and mindful approach. We believe in creating products that are gentle and kind, both to our consumers, to everyone in the supply chain who has helped bring us these gifts, and to the natural world.

Irish Botanica has a deep respect for nature, and also for the healing traditions which have come to us from generations past. We value folk wisdom, the learnings of ages. We take this knowledge and skill and combine it with the scientific knowledge and expertise of our time, to create and deliver products that are kind but effective. We don’t improve on nature; we simply deliver natural goodness in a potent, convenient form.

Irish Botanica is a force for good. We bring natural health and healing.

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