Irish Botanica – Natural Goodness

Nov 15, 2018

Irish Botanica – Natural Goodness

Natural goodness, simply packaged and delivered

More and more of us are turning to the benefits of nature. We live busy, stressful lives; we want to rebalance in gentle, calming ways. Perhaps we are discovering that true wellness means more than the absence of illness, or maybe a more natural route to good health just seems intuitively right. We want clean herbal products, in their purest state. And we want products of the highest quality for which goodness is both a promise and a value; products which are ethically sourced and manufactured so that they are kinder to us and our world.

Irish Botanica is such a brand of quality. Located in Co. Wicklow and created in consultation with Irish Herbalist David Foley, Irish Botanica uses carefully grown ingredients that are pure and potent. With these ingredients, they do as little as possible, so we receive more of what nature provides. All Irish Botanica products are ethically sourced and they only choose suppliers that share similar values. The Irish Botanica range features herbal products from a time-honoured tradition. Let’s take a look at what the range has to offer:-

  • Echinacea supports the immune system and tackles the symptoms of cold and flu; Irish Botanica’s version is more potent than other echinacea formulations on the market because it uses 100% of the E. purpurea root. What’s more it’s grown bio-dynamically on a certified organic herb farm so treatment results are consistent as the product always comes from the same farm.
  • Another tool in the fight to stay strong and well over the winter months is Irish Botanica’s Botanical Syrup, which supports the immune system and may provide relief from stubborn coughs. A unique formulation of Vitamin C, ginseng, aniseed, glycerine and liquorice, it is a must have this winter.
  • Award winning Irish Botanica Throat Coat, with soothing marshmallow and liquorice as well as sage and osha root, comes in a handy spray bottle. It coats sore throats and is a great help to those who use their voice a lot, such as singers, teachers and public speakers.
  • Formulated for all seasons and particularly useful coming into the summer months when the pollen count is high. Irish Botanica All Seasons Complex is a botanical blend of natural ingredients including Astragalus, Angelica and peppermint.
  • For mild anxiety and sleeplessness, Irish Botanica provides Peace & Calm, a Valerian tincture with orange, liquorice, coriander and star anise which also relaxes muscles and eases cramps. Valerian is non-addictive and doesn’t leave a drowsy after-effect; you can take it day or night, as required.
  • Milk Thistle has been used to support the liver for thousands of years. Irish Botanica Milk Thistle is grown organically and features a potent and pure formulation with 1:1 whole seed extract.
  • Mushrooms, rich in vital B vitamins, antioxidants, niacin and selenium, are a fascinating plant. Irish Botanica has a quite unique knowledge and expertise with these wonder-foods. Formulated by Martin Powell, a medicinal mushroom expert, they have created a special mushroom range which includes Cordyceps, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Chaga and Reishi in an easy-to-take form. These fungi have been used for millennia; Irish Botanica draws on this rich, ancient tradition.

Nature has an intrinsic intelligence. The things that we do to heal work best when they complement the work of nature. As Irish Botanica like to say, they simply package and deliver natural goodness.

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