Focus on Shatavari

Jul 2, 2018

Focus on Shatavari

The primary ingredient in Pukka’s Women’s range is shatavari, which can be translated to mean “hundred husbands” – hinting at its traditional uses for increasing fertility and supporting hormonal balance in women. Considered in the Ayurvedic tradition to be the main rejuvenating tonic for women, this root is suitable for women throughout the many stages of life.

Key qualities: hormone-balancing, immune-modulating, adaptogen.

Pukka Womankind also contains reishi with immune-modulating β-glucans, naturally sourced B-vitamins for hormone balance, and turmeric and green tea with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

Womankind Menopause also contains sage and ashwagandha with phyto-oestrogens and proven efficacy in treating hot flushes and improving cognition.


Shatavari has increased milk production in clinical trials of breastfeeding mothers.

In cell studies, an increase of 4.66-fold in Hsp72 was noted when using Pukka shatavari, while a 10-fold increase was noted in expression of neuropeptide Y, indicating beneficial effects on cellular adaptation to stress and cognitive function.

After using Womankind for 3 months, survey participants reported a 47% improvement in PMS symptoms, a decrease of 78% in time spent in bed due to symptoms, a decrease of 74% in time missed from work, and a 77% reduction in missed social engagements.

After using Womankind Menopause for 3 months, survey participants noted a 61% reduction in depressive mood, tearfulness and mood swings, a 45% reduction in hot flushes, a 57% reduction in vaginal dryness, a 53% reduction in feelings of lack of mental clarity, concentration and memory, and an 80% reduction of overall symptoms in those who rated them as ‘severe’.

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