Embrace Good Fats – Pat Divilly

Feb 13, 2018

Embrace Good Fats – Pat Divilly

‘Embrace Good Fats’ – Fitness Expert

This is just one of Pat Divilly’s top ten tips for 2018. And with an impressive following of 217k fans on Facebook, 39k on Instagram and nearly 10k on Twitter – Pat certainly knows a thing or two about health and the best supplements to take.

“By ‘good’ fats I mean omegas 3, 6 and 9.  I’m convinced I wouldn’t be as fit and healthy as I am without them. I want a supplement that contributes to vitality and longevity. That means a quality, toxin free natural source. The need for good fats is something I’m always putting across to my clients. I stand behind Udo’s Oil simply because it works.”

Pat is on a mission to help people make a healthy lifestyle change.  He believes effective long-term results are best achieved through thoughtful planning and changes to one’s nutrition and exercise.  From January his tips will feature in ‘The Udo’s Effect’, a concise guide with tips for those thinking of making a healthy lifestyle change. It also contains a selection of healthy recipe. Just ask in-store for your FREE copy.

Pat’s Top Tips towards a Healthier, Fitter You


  1. Understand the underlying reason (the ‘why’) for making the change. Embrace it fully.  It will help you keep going when you feel challenged.
  2. Set yourself a roadmap, a 90-day goal. Break it into manageable chunks as if you are on a journey.
  3. Be kind to yourself. Each evening journal what you did well that day AND what part of the journey you travelled.  Congratulate yourself.  If you ‘fall off’ the wagon, use these journaled achievements to get yourself up and going again.


  1. Buy and cook as much ‘real’ (unprocessed) food as possible e.g. fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, seeds, nuts and spices.
  2. Embrace ‘good’ fats. Omega 3 & 6 fats are essential to your body’s wellbeing, especially your heart brain and eye function.  Many users also cite an improvement to the quality of their skin and hair.  You need to add them into your diet by eating specific omega rich foods (oily fish, avocados, flaxseeds and walnuts) or supplementing with a quality organic oil such as Udo’s Oil.  It is an organic cold pressed oil packed full of omegas 3, 6 and 9.  I love its versatility.  I add it to soups, smoothies and dressings and drizzle it over salads or foods I’ve just cooked.  By embracing ‘good’ fats you lay a solid foundation for good health.
  3. Batch cook, refrigerate and freeze. This makes life easier and is healthier than consuming ready-made foods.
  4. Eat with intent. Savour your food.  Let your taste buds take you on a journey by cutting out unnecessary distractions when eating (TV, phone, radio).


  1. First and foremost, find a form of exercise you enjoy.
  2. Decide on your goal. By having one, (however small) you will be more likely to stay focussed and motivated.
  3. Start slowly e.g. a twenty-minute walk per day. When you are into a rhythm and routine, try to build your time and pace up by an extra 1% per day.  Always listen to your body.

About Udo’s Oil

Udo’s Oil is seed oil, NOT a fish oil.  A unique cold pressed blend of omega 3, 6 and 9 it is derived from certified organic flax, sesame and sunflower seeds mixed with oils from evening primrose, coconut, soy, rice germ and oat germ. Udo’s Oil is available in both oil and capsule form, and stocked in your local Health Store. Loved by Irish families for over 20 years, discover the Udo’s Oil effect for yourself today.

Find Udo’s Choice®  refrigerated in Health Stores nationwide.

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