Clearspring Bio Kitchen

Jun 19, 2019

Clearspring Bio Kitchen

Clearspring Bio Kitchen Organic and Demeter Range makes the everyday more delicious


Bio Kitchen is Clearspring’s premium range of everyday staple foods, which are naturally sweet and full of flavour. The range, which is all in glass jars, features Organic Button Mushrooms. Bean Sprouts, Azuki Beans, Red Kidney Beans and Demeter French Beans, Lentils, Carrots & Peas and Sweet Corn.


Demeter is widely regarded as the highest standard of organic farming and is the trademark for certified biodynamic production. Demeter was developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, based on a principle of holistic farming to nurture the soil and to promote health and wellness.


Made to Clearspring’s exacting standards for food quality, sustainability and flavour, the Bio Kitchen range is perfect for every kitchen, where the versatility and the natural taste speaks for itself, free from any artificial flavours or added refined sugar. Just natural goodness.


The range also features Clearspring’s Organic Smooth and Crunchy Peanut Butter as well as its Demeter Baked Beans – a firm favourite with Clearspring customers around the World!

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