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Autumn Poem and more

Posted on Aug 18, 2017 in News & Events

There are wonderful poems about autumn moods and colours, but Jack Prelutsky’s lines from a classroom have a slant many youngsters will share: The leaves are yellow, red and brown, A shower sprinkles softly down The air is fragrant, crisp and cool, And once again, I’m stuck in school. So it’s back to lunchboxes, homework and timetables, and autumn can be a bittersweet time as the freedom of warmer days becomes a memory. But in many ways the change of season is a better time to take stock than the New Year, and a good opportunity to plan for new approaches and fresh schedules. A...

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Health Stores Ireland – New facing, same ethos

Posted on Jul 6, 2017 in News & Events

Collective and innovators – two very pertinent terms when it comes to defining what makes the key differences between independent health food shops and big branded retailers. There are few sectors where the majority of people involved at all levels carry out their business with a commonality of purpose and a closeness with its customer base. Long before hipster cafés and tribal homeware stores became fashionable, health stores were engaging in a unique relationship between producer, distributer, retailer and customer. Long before “experience” based shopping was trendy and cool,...

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Organic Summer

Posted on May 23, 2017 in News & Events

The year gallops ahead, and as members of the Irish Association of Health Stores we measure out our time in seasonal window displays and products. For example, right now we are looking at remedies for the dreaded hayfever season, stocking up on safe and effective insect repellents, deodorants and sunscreens, loading Irish-made kombucha in the chiller cabinet, and displaying multi-coloured organic summer vegetables in many member shops. Is it really worth paying the extra for organic produce? We would say for sure! Whether the food is dried or fresh, a certified organic label ensures that the...

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Fermented Foods

Posted on Feb 27, 2017 in News & Events

There can’t be many people left in the country who haven’t by now heard something about fermented foods on TV, on social media or in the press. Fermented foods are the very epitome of Hippocrates’ famous advice “let food be they medicine and medicine be thy food”, and every member of the Irish Association of Health Stores will offer you a variety of these foods. Apart from the old familiar probiotic yogurts, check in our chillers and freezers as well as ambient shelves for the products available, many of which are produced in Ireland.   Why is fermentation such a buzz word? In...

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Making 2017 the Year of Healthy Habits

Posted on Jan 4, 2017 in News & Events

Say yes to good healthy food and ethical living. How are you getting on with your New Years promises to yourself? I didn’t want to mention the “R” word, because we all know that these “R’s” inevitably end up unfulfilled and often leave us with a feeling of regret and disappointment. Let’s not go there this year. My best advice for 2017 is to embrace food – wholefood – locally produced preferably. Don’t be afraid. Fats are good for you, in correct format and measure. Calories are life saving measures of energy, not toxic substances. Sugars are entwined in many...

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A different Shopping Experience

Posted on Nov 23, 2016 in News & Events

So, what are your plans for Christmas shopping? Are you lucky enough to be considering a trip to Macy’s or Harrods’s? – Me neither. Does the idea of a ”Black Friday” online deadline excite you? – Not for me, either. Even the traditional city shopping days like December 8th are being replaced by a much more conscious and measured readiness for the winter festival. Consumerism is being rightfully balanced with a much more social and family friendly approach. Rather than inflict, marketing induced, potentially emotional and financial damaging, escalating loss of control...

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